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Come visit us and shop!

Come and shop with us!  We have in-stock items ready for you!  And if we don’t have what you need in stock we can order for you.  Many wholesale catalogs and brands to choose from including Charles River, J America, American Apparel and more!


What Machines and Attachments do we use?

We believe in the best so we have commercial Tajima embroidery machines that are well maintained and have many attachments to sew every need …

  • Hoops – These are the regular hoops as used with all embroidery machines in an array of sizes from very small to quite large for items such as shower curtains and bedspreads.

  • Clamps – This system allows for items that cannot be hooped and usually turned away by most embroiderers. It “clamps” down on thicker and many times smaller “unhoopable” items that can now be embroidered.

  • Cap Frame – This is exactly how it sounds … hoops all kinds of caps/headwear for embroidery.

  • Cylindrical Frame – Not needed as often but used for long thin items such as socks, sleeves and wine bags to be embroidered.

Orders for Christmas?

Ordering for Christmas?  That’s our busiest time of the year!  We HIGHLY recommend getting your order in as soon as possible.  Before Thanksgiving is the best as we usually have to stop promising orders early December.  After around December 5th we cannot promise but try our best to deliver for you.  We don’t promise what we cannot deliver.

Take a quick tour of our shop.

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