Backings & Toppings

What is Backing or Stabilizers?


We use a variety of backings.

We use several types and thicknesses of backing.  The reason for having a variety available is there are so many items out there with different thicknesses and makes.  A “cutaway” backing is generally used on the back of garments that will be washed frequently to help designs hold their shape.  A “tearaway” backing is used many times on thick bags, blankets and on caps.  Mesh backings are used on thinner more translucent garments so they have stabilization and are not seen from the front through garment.

What is a Topping?

We use “Topping” on thick, plush items such as towels and blankets … anything with plush thickness or texture … even pique polos.  A “topping” is a MUST to keep stitches standing out on top of the item  and not pulled into and lost in the thickness.  It’s applied before sewing and excess removed after sewing.  You won’t ever see it but it is what makes your design stand out and look great!

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