Embroidery Applications

What types of Embroidery applications can we do for you?

There are many types of embroidery applications we can do for you!  We have regular embroidery, appliqué, reverse appliqué, vintage appliqué … If you’ve seen it we can do it!  Here’s an explanation of some of these for you …

  • Regular Embroidery – This is where it’s all thread stitching for a design, name or monogram.

  • Appliqué – In appliqué there’s another fabric involved besides the garment we are sewing on. It’s a type of fill-in for a design or letter that’s sealed by a satin stitch.  Greek letters are many times an appliqué.

  • Reverse Appliqué – In this technique, we are placing fabric behind the garment, sewing through both and then cutting the actual garment to reveal the fabric behind it. A unique way to change an appliqué as it’s not seen as often.

  • Vintage Appliqué – Vintage appliqué is a specialty of ours! In this technique, it’s several layers of fabrics and felt on top of the garment that’s sewn with run or satin stitches and cut out to look aged/vintage.   There’s not many embroiderers out there that offer this in small quantities.  We do small and large quantities!

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