How do we price our embroidery?

The general price rule is $1 per 1,000 stitches but we start at $5 and average range is between $5-14 on items.  Our philosophy is to produce great quality work above all else and make as affordable as possible.  We pay attention to details!  Since we are a home based business we can pass the savings on to you making it more affordable.  We do ALL aspects of the embroidery process from digitizing and set up to sewing and completion!  We have five commercial machines so larger quantity orders give better group pricing since we can run several at a time.  We will not cut back on stitches to save money … we only offer quality work.  It’s an absolute MUST for us.  It’s what we believe and our clients love and why they return to us!

What are the costs for digitizing?

This cost is a one time fee to turn your logo/artwork to stitches.  Average digitizing costs range usually from $10 to $60.  The more detailed the artwork, the longer to set up … the more the cost.

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