Clyde closeup

Clyde, our store greeter

The Back Stitch was started by Susan Back in 2003.  Susan had been a stay at home Mom and started this home based business when her son started elementary school.  She needed the flexibility of a home based business with a husband that traveled internationally for his career.
With a very creative mind and a degree in Business/Marketing she started The Back Stitch.  Her philosophy was to produce great quality work above all else along with unique techniques giving her a niche in the market while making it as affordable as possible for her clients.  She started out of her home in Georgia with a single head machine in 2003 and grew the business to five machines in the eight years in Georgia.  Then in October 2011 she moved the business to start over in St. Louis, Missouri to follow her husband’s career.  Once settled in St. Louis, she rebuilt the business to be larger than before in a shorter amount of time.
ClydeLucy1Susan loves her work and her clients.  She also loves having Clyde, her Pug, with her to greet everyone that comes to visit.  When you step into the shop you instantly know Susan is a fan of “I Love Lucy” and Pugs!  All clients love and look forward to Clyde at the door!
The Back Stitch is a smoke free, organized environment.
IMG_7778                  CydeFuzz
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