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Digitizing- Your custom art into stitches

What is Digitizing? 

Digitizing for embroidery is the process of taking your artwork (jpg or pdf file) and turning it into stitches for sewing.  The clearer the artwork the better for digitizing to get the best use of that image and its details.

It is a process with specialized software to create your logo so there is a fee to set it up, but once your special logo is set up, we have it for future use.

How do we begin this process?  By sending a file to us via email at Susan@thebackstitch.com.  It’s that simple.  We take it from there and do it all in-house for you.  Now … since digitizing is an art and does take a little time, we ask for some lead time to get this done effectively for you.

Does it matter how many colors in design?  No, unlike screen printing, embroidery goes by stitch count and our machines can do up to fifteen colors per design.


What are the costs for digitizing?

This cost is a one time fee to turn your logo/artwork to stitches.  Average digitizing costs range usually from $10 to $60.  The more detailed the artwork, the longer to set up … the more the cost.

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