What is monogramming?

Monogramming is simply using the first letters of your full name.  They can be done in different fonts, in different display orders.  We have many, many fonts that we can use in monogramming or use specific “monogram” fonts.  Borders and designs can also be added for dramatic or subtle effects.

Do we do small or large orders?

We can do both!  As we say … “No order is too small or too large!”

What types of Embroidery applications can we do for you?

There are many types of embroidery applications we can do for you!  We have regular embroidery, appliqué, reverse appliqué, vintage appliqué … If you’ve seen it we can do it!  Here’s an explanation of some of these for you …

  • Regular Embroidery – This is where it’s all thread stitching for a design, logo, name or monogram.

  • Appliqué – In appliqué there’s another fabric involved besides the garment we are sewing on. It’s a type of fill-in for a design or letter that’s sealed by a satin stitch.  Greek letters are many times an appliqué.

  • Reverse Appliqué – In this technique, we are placing fabric behind the garment, sewing through both and then cutting the actual garment to reveal the fabric behind it. A unique way to change an appliqué as it’s not seen as often.

  • Vintage Appliqué – Vintage appliqué is a specialty of ours! In this technique, it’s several layers of fabrics and felt on top of the garment that’s sewn with run or satin stitches and cut out to look aged/vintage.   There’s not many embroiderers out there that offer this in small quantities.  We do small and large quantities!

How do we price our embroidery?

The general price rule is $1 per 1,000 stitches but we start at $5 and average range is between $5-$14 on items.  Our philosophy is to produce great quality work above all else and make as affordable as possible.  We pay attention to details!  Since we are a home based business we can pass the savings on to you making it more affordable.  We do ALL aspects of the embroidery process from digitizing and set up to sewing and completion!  We have five commercial machines so larger quantity orders give better group pricing since we can run several at a time.  We will not cut back on stitches to save money … we only offer quality work.  It’s an absolute MUST for us.  It’s what we believe and our clients love and why they return to us!

What’s the best way to reach us?

The best way to reach us for quickest response is by cell/text to 678.472.2661.    Email is also a great way for quick response to  susan@thebackstitch.com.  We always answer our emails so if you don’t get a quick response we didn’t get it.  Occasionally an email gets sent to junk mail.  We try to catch them but may miss one so if you don’t hear from us let us know!  Our office phone is 314.698.4614 for Missouri and 770.456.2595 for Georgia.

In the past we’ve used the email thebackstitch@msn.com.  Don’t worry … you can still send to that email.  We are transitioning more to the new one (susan@thebackstitch.com)  but will still keep this old one.

Where is our shop?

We are located at 1029 Woodgate Drive in Kirkwood (St. Louis) Missouri off Manchester Road near I-270.   The entrance to our shop is in the back of the house … double doors under a black awning with sign.  Welcome to pull down driveway to park.

What’s our mailing address?

If you need to mail us anything our address is …

The Back Stitch

1029 Woodgate Drive

Kirkwood, MO 63122

What are our hours?

We generally open weekday at 10:00 AM.  We are flexible to work with evenings and weekends if needed.  The best thing to do is call or text 678.472.2661 to make sure we are here and not out on an errand.  We are here working weekdays most of the time.

When’s the best time weekdays?

The BEST time during the week is 2:30 to 5:00 PM.

What’s our turnaround time?

Plan for a two week turnaround time for small orders.  We are very accommodating so let us know what you need and when you need it.  If it’s a rush job there may be a small $5-$10 additional fee to turn around in a day.  We do ALL aspects of the embroidery process from digitizing and set up to sewing and completion! 

Have your own items? 

That’s okay … we can do them too!

On this note we do want to mention that even though it is rare,  as we do keep our machines in top shape, occasionally a machine will decide to “eat” an item as it is a machine and we are only human but nine times out of ten if this should occur we can fix it.  


What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept all major forms of payment … cash, check and credit card.  We use Square for credit card payments that includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  We also have the new contactless/chip reader.  If you don’t have a preference, we prefer cash or check as we do lose a percentage fee from your purchase to process credit cards.  At this time, we do not increase sale prices to cover these fees.  What form of info is needed for Square payments?  Name, credit card #, expiration date, security code and billing zip code for verification.

Are you a Tax Exempt Group?

We can accommodate tax exempt groups/clubs.  Not a problem.  You just need to provide us with your group’s tax exempt letter/form showing your number for our files and is only needed once.

What kind of groups can we do items for?

You name it!  We can do it!  We’ve done items for businesses, schools (spirit wear), sports teams, clubs, churches, wedding parties, babies, holidays and more!  We have many wholesale catalogs available to find the items your group needs.  We do ALL aspects of the embroidery process  here in-house from digitizing and set up to sewing and completion!

Will we do small orders including one item?

Yes!  We will stitch small orders including a single item.  We can get that item for you or you can bring that special item.  As we say … “No order is too small or too large!”

Orders for Christmas?

Ordering for Christmas?  That’s our busiest time of the year!  We HIGHLY recommend getting your order in as soon as possible.  Before Thanksgiving is the best as we usually have to stop promising orders early December.  After around December 5th we cannot promise but try our best to deliver for you.  We don’t promise what we cannot deliver.

What is Digitizing? 

Digitizing for embroidery is the process of taking your artwork (jpg or pdf file) and turning it into stitches for sewing.  The clearer the artwork the better for digitizing to get the best use of that image and its details.

It is a process with specialized software to create your logo so there is a fee to set it up, but once your special logo is set up, we have it for future use.

How do we begin this process?  By sending a file to us via email at Susan@thebackstitch.com.  It’s that simple.  We take it from there and do it all in-house for you.  Now … since digitizing is an art and does take a little time, we ask for some lead time to get this done effectively for you.

Does it matter how many colors in design?  No, unlike screen printing, embroidery goes by stitch count and our machines can do up to fifteen colors per design.

What are the costs for digitizing?

This cost is a one time fee to turn your logo/artwork to stitches.  Average digitizing costs range usually from $10 to $60.  The more detailed the artwork, the longer to set up … the more the cost.

What threads do we use?

We use the best!  Madeira Polyneon threads we feel are the best as are they are very resilient and fade resistant.  For bobbins we feel Coats has the best to offer.  We have every color available on Madeira’s Polyneon chart including Fluorescent and Space-Dyed (multi color spools of thread).

What is Backing or Stabilizers?

We use several types and thicknesses of backing.  The reason for having a variety available is there are so many items out there with different thicknesses and makes.  A “cutaway” backing is generally used on the back of garments that will be washed frequently to help designs hold their shape.  A “tearaway” backing is used many times on thick bags, blankets and on caps.  Mesh backings are used on thinner more translucent garments so they have stabilization and are not seen from the front through garment.

What is a Topping?

We use “Topping” on thick, plush items such as towels and blankets … anything with plush thickness or texture … even pique polos.  A “topping” is a MUST to keep stitches standing out on top of the item  and not pulled into and lost in the thickness.  It’s applied before sewing and excess removed after sewing.  You won’t ever see it but it is what makes your design stand out and look great!

Can we do stitch removal?

Stitch removal can be done in some instances but always depends on a few factors such as garment type, embroidery type, how long stitches have been there, and was a backing or topping used before for instance.  Once threads are removed it makes that garment area weaker and will show where stitches had been.  New design must be larger to cover area but won’t always cover all.  An appliqué can many times be used to cover old with new.



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